Museum of Anthropology: Days of the Dead Exhibit

skeleton couple

The Museum of Anthropology opened on September 11th its annual exhibit on Mexico’s Dias de los Muertos, or Days of the Dead. The exhibit will run through December 14th and is open to the general public for free. The exhibit features a traditional Mexican ofrenda: a home alter with sugar skulls, colorful tissue paper cutouts, […] Read more »

Journeying to the heart of Cuba


The Latin American and Latino Studies Program at Wake Forest University is pleased to announce that it will kick off the fall semester of the 2012-2013 academic year with a lecture by Carlos Alberto Montaner, an internationally recognized Cuban journalist and scholar, on Friday, September 7th at 10:30 a.m. in the Screening Room of Greene […] Read more »

Reaching out to Nicaragua


In Managua, the capital of Nicaragua, 175 families and approximately 500 children live and work in an area called “La Chureca.” Translation: the city dump. Through a partnership with Fabretto Children’s Foundation in Managua, Wake Forest students have been working to help break the cycle of poverty. Volunteers work provide a safe place for La […] Read more »

New insight into the Amazon


Home to one out of every five species living today, the Western Amazon is one of the Earth’s areas of greatest biodiversity. But what was it like before European settlers arrived? “The pendulum swung from views that ‘people were nowhere’ to ‘people were everywhere,’ and we’ve shown they were both wrong,” said Dr. Miles Silman, director […] Read more »