Chile/Argentina (SoCo) Study Abroad Information Session


Please, join us to find out more about our study abroad opportunities. Tuesday, February 7 4:30 – 6:00 pm Kirby 120

WFU 2017 MLK “Building the Dream” award winers

Image for WFU 2017 MLK “Building the Dream” award winers

It is a great honor to announce that Cazandra Rebollar,  a Senior Psychology major and LALS minor and first-generation college student, was awarded the WFU 2017 MLK “Building the Dream” award.  Cazandra was recognized for her commitment to social justice and those most marginalized and disenfranchised.  She has worked on behalf of new immigrants and […] Read more »

Afro-Brazilian Capoeira Angola Workshop


What is it?  Capoeira Angola es a games whose origins may go as far back as the 16th. century, when Africans were enslaved and taken to Salvador, Brazil.  In its history and practice, Capoeira Angola reflects the philosophy and aesthetics of its origins.  Similar to many African traditions, there are no clear-cut distinctions between the […] Read more »

Dr. Jason Rohman – Bilingualism and cognition: What psycholinguistic and cognitive neuroscience research tells us about potential benefits of bilingualism


The Linguistics Program and Department of Romance Languages present a talk on bilingualism and cognition by Dr. Jason Rothman.  This talk will focus on today’s question regarding the potential benefits bilingualism might confer. Tuesday, November 29, 2016 6:00 PM Kulynych Auditorium Byrum Welcome Center