Irma V. Alarcon

Dr. Irma V. Alarcon, Associate Professor of Spanish and Linguistics, has taught at Wake Forest University since 2005. Prior to joining the Department of Romance Languages, Dr. Alarcon taught at Indiana University, where she also earned her Ph.D. in Hispanic Linguistics. Her primary research focuses on theoretical issues concerning the role of linguistic variables, such as noun gender and morphology, on the acquisition of Spanish gender agreement. Her most recent work has analyzed heritage Spanish speakers or early bilinguals, and offers both theoretical implications concerning the difference between first and second language acquisitions and pedagogical insights into the burgeoning field of teaching Spanish to Latinos in the U.S. Dr. Alarcon, a native of Chile, has published numerous articles and holds several editorial and reviewer positions.

Contact Infromation

Phone: (336) 758-5194
Office: Greene Hall, 519


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