Linguistics Circle Talk Friday (4/8)

We are very excited to invite you to Linguistics Circle this Friday, April 8th at 3pm in Greene Hall 528 to see Xixi Wang and Natalia Rodriguez Blanco (MA students in Interpreting and Translation Studies) present their current research projects (see abstracts below for more details).MA-students-2016-Spring.key


Xixi Wang “The impact of using ad hoc interpreters and professional interpreters on hospital costs and patient satisfaction rates of limited-English-proficient patients in the emergency department”
Linguistic and cultural barriers have been identified as important factors that are closely linked with declining patient satisfaction rates and increasing hospital costs. Different from studies which focused on the consequences of utilizing interpreter services in health care settings, this paper compares the distinctions of using professional healthcare interpreters versus ad hoc interpreters and their influence on hospital costs and patient satisfaction rates in emergency department. This paper adopts a literature review approach by searching all available relevant articles related to the topic, and will then extract and analyzes useful data from nine representative articles. The results shows that the utilization of professional healthcare interpreter services will minimize negative clinical consequences. Thus it will diminish long-term hospital costs in the emergency department and enhance limited-English-proficient patients’ satisfaction rates when compared to ad hoc interpreters.

Natalia Rodriguez Blanco “Translation of Bolivian Political Discourse”

This research project consists of the translation of three political addresses by the Bolivian Vice President, Alvaro Garcia Linera that occurred in three different settings: two with national audiences and one international. As the three selected texts introduce culturally-bound topics, the project contrasts the translation strategies applied, focusing on the cultural and functional subtleties of the original addresses. Aside from the creation of the English target text, the importance of this project stems from the description of the issues encountered, providing suggestions to overcome such difficulties. This translation shows the importance of being a bi-cultural actor who understands the cultural factors in depth to produce a fully comprehensible text for the new readership.


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