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October 19-21, 2014 four WFU anthropology and linguistics students (Samantha Geary, Tyler Hollifield, Tripp Maloney, and Micah James) accompanied Prof. Margaret Bender on an ethnographic field trip to the Cherokee reservation in western NC.  Students met with language teachers, elders, and staff at the New Kituwah Cherokee Language Immersion Academy.  They learned about language-culture relationships in Cherokee and about the challenges and joys of Cherokee language revitalization.  They attended the annual Cherokee Indian Fair, where they witnessed a Miss Cherokee Pageant (much more creative and empowering than Miss America!), ate traditional boiled breads, studied cultural displays, and learned to get out of the way fast as an unusually heated game of stickball took place.  Despite rainy weather at the campsite, good spirits prevailed throughout!  This unique educational opportunity was sponsored by the Anthropology Department.





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Did you know that Papua New Guinea, which has only about 7 million people, has over 800 languages? Now you know.

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Find out here (these are must-knows)!

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Feast your eyes on this.

The article is here.

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“The “bilingual boost” extends beyond the classroom and into later life. Ellen Bialystok’s research, for example, shows that bilingual adults, as they get older, stay sharper for longer than monolingual adults do. The effect is about four years’ difference on average, which can make a considerable difference to quality of life in retirement. In research by the same team, bilingual adults also showed the delays in the onset of symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease. They still got the disease, but they were able to maintain active lifestyles for longer – 5 to 6 years longer on average.”

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Last minute heads up.  We are having our Fall gathering for Linguistics minors and all other students interested in Linguistics this Wednesday (10/15) from 3:30 to 5pm in the Museum of Anthropology. We will have pizza and spend some time chatting about the program, faculty and student research and answering questions and getting feedback.
Come and join us, and bring a friend! Please forward this message to anyone you think may be interested.

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