Gender and the Semiotics of Material Culture (9/21)

The Linguistics Program is excited to invite you to a guest lecture in our Linguistics Circle Speaker Series lead by Elizabeth Natalle (UNC, Greensboro) Thursday September 21st at 4-5pm in Greene Hall 145.

Associate Professor Elizabeth Natalle of the Department of Communication Studies at UNC Greensboro will lecture on the meaning of gender through coded material culture, including the body, identity markers, and the linguistic expression of attitude. By examining the grammar of meaning in gendered materiality, Dr. Natalle will deconstruct the binary myth of feminine-masculine to open the possibility of intertextual gender identity.

Dr. Natalle is a professor of Communications and specializes in feminist rhetorical theory and criticism, first ladies rhetoric, gender and communication, intercultural communication and gender, interpersonal communication pedagogy.

Her talk will be directly followed by a reception for students and faculty to continue the discussion. Refreshments will be served.

We look forward to Dr. Natalle’s visit and hope to see you there. For more information contact Dr. Jerid Francom (Linguistics Program Director)

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