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Assistant Professor of English Laura Aull
Her research focuses on corpus linguistic and rhetorical genre approaches to academic writing. Her first book, First-Year University Writing: A Corpus-Based Study with Implications for Pedagogy (Palgrave Macmillan, 2015) offers an empirical view of discourse patterns in essays by over 19,000 incoming college students as they compare to expert academic writing. Her current project focuses more specifically at how developing and expert writers indicate the scope of their claims, or the origin and breadth of their claims. Her other recent work can be found in Written Communication, Corpora, Composition Forum, and College Composition and Communication.

Assistant Professor of Spanish Jerid Francom
His current research deals with documenting Spanish language variation through methodologies practiced in corpus and computation linguistics. Recent co-authored publications include identifying and correlating indicative language features with geolocation using Twitter posts (“Kernel density estimation for text-based geolocation”, with Hulden, M. & Silfverberg, M.) and creating a comparable cross-dialect corpus of informal Spanish from TV/film transcripts (“ACTIV-ES: a comparable , cross-dialect corpus of ‘everyday ’ Spanish from Argentina, Mexico and Spain”, with Hulden, M., & Ussishkin, A.).

Student research