Students presenting research posters

Students presenting research posters at the Undergraduate Research Fair


Monthly Magnolia Events


Magnolia Scholars have programming that is targeted particularly to them. The Magnolia events have the dual purpose of organizing the scholars as a peer group and exposing them to opportunities at Wake Forest.  Magnolia Scholars have a 3 day pre-orientation for students that introduces them to the resources of Wake Forest University.  Presentations are made by the Provost, the Dean of the College and the Director of Advising and multiple panels representing Wake Forest, student life and academic life.   In the fall and spring, Magnolia Scholars are invited to attend workshops covering topics including time management, financial aid, International Studies and Career Services. These workshops give Magnolia Scholars an opportunity to learn directly from the local experts. Social events specifically geared toward the Magnolia Scholars program are also planned throughout the year. 

student carnival

Student carnival activities