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Meet our department chair

Dr. Sarah Raynor graduated with a B.S. from Yale University and earned her PhD from MIT. She is this year's recipient of the College Board of Visitors' Academic Leadership Award. Her research interests include elliptic and dispersive partial differential equations.

Research Collaborations

Dr. Sarah Mason's research group was invited to spend two weeks at the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (MSRI) in Berkeley, California through the Summer Research for Women in Mathematics Program. Her collaborators include faculty at CUNY, Lehigh, and Marshall. Their focus is on Macdonald polynomials, which are multivariable symmetric polynomials intersecting many different areas of mathematics including representation theory, combinatorics, and algebraic geometry.

Noncommutative Rings

Jiayi Li, Kewen Peng, Dr. Ferraro and Dr. Kirkman are investigating the degrees of the minimal generators of the set of elements invariant under a finite group of linear operators acting on a noncommutative ring. In 1916 Emmy Noether proved that the order of the group is an upper bound on these degrees when the group acts on the usual polynomial ring, and the WFU team has found examples where that bound does not hold for actions on noncommutative rings.