Dr. Sarah Raynor
Professor of Mathematics & Department Chair 

Office: 126 Manchester Hall
Phone: (336) 758-4466
Home Page:  http://users.wfu.edu/raynorsg/
Email: raynorsg ‘at’ wfu.edu




Yale University, 1998
PhD Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2003

Research Interests: Elliptic and dispersive partial differential equations


M. Chhetri, S. Raynor, and S. Robinson, “Existence of Multiple Positive Solutions to Some Semipositone Systems,” submitted.

J. Marzuola, S. Raynor, and G. Simpson, “A System of ODEs for a Perturbation of a Minimal Mass Soliton, “to appear, J. Nonlinear Sci.

S. Raynor, “Neumann Fixed Boundary Regularity for an Elliptic Free Boundary Problem,” Comm. Partial Differential Equations, 33 (2008),no. 11, 1975 – 1995.

M. Chhetri, P. Drabek, S. Raynor, and S. Robinson, “Nonvariational Problems with Critical Growth,” Nonlinear Anal. 68 (2008), no. 7, 2092-2103.

J. Colliander, S. Raynor, C. Sulem, and J. D. Wright, “Ground State Mass Concentration in the L^2-Critical Nonlinear Schrodinger Equation Below H^1,” Math. Res. Lett. 12 (2005), no. 2-3, 357–375.

S. Raynor and G. Staffilani, “Low regularity stability of solitons for the KdV equation,” Commun. Pure Appl. Anal. 2 (2003), no. 3, 277–296.


Please note that each link leads to a .pdf format syllabus of my most recent version of the course.

Personal Interests:  Reading, Bridge, Knitting, Hiking

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