Recommendations for Freshmen

Which Math Course To Choose:

The following are alternatives that most freshmen can consider. Please talk to your academic advisor about these alternatives, and be sure to read your bulletin too. If you or your advisor have questions, then please contact the Department of Mathematics.

MTH 111,112,113, Calculus:

  • A standard calculus sequence.
  • See the  information about AP credit
  • Students may not receive credit for both MTH 555 and MTH 111

MTH 107, Explorations in Mathematics:

  • An excellent non-calculus alternative.
  • Emphasis on mathematical thinking, proof, and problem-solving.
  • Topics selected by professor for their inherent beauty and interest.
  • Difficulty level roughly the same as calculus.

MTH 109, Statistics:

  • Another excellent non-calculus alternative.
  • Good preparation for many “real world” applications.

MTH 117: Discrete Mathematics

  • Another excellent non-calculus alternative
  • Good introduction to mathematical proof
  • Important preparation for computer science
  • Good freshman course for students interested in mathematics and/or computer science, but do not want to continue with calculus yet.