2017 Putnam results

Posted on: February 20, 2018

The results of the 2017 Putnam have been announced. There were 10 students from Wake Forest who gave up 6 hours of their Saturday to participate – Benjamin Cobb, Dylan King, Andrew Moss, Allie Neal, Clark Osborn, Kewen Peng, Yiwen Tang, Lin De Yang, Haotian Zhang, and Jiajie Zheng.

Wake Forest’s team consisted of Benjamin Cobb, Lin De Yang, and Jiajie Zheng and our team was ranked 161st (out of 575 institutions that participated).

The top scoring student from Wake Forest was Lin De Yang, who earned a score of 31, which is good for a rank of 358.5 (out of the 4638 students that participated). Note that 358.5 is the average rank of all the students who earned a score of 31.