COMAP MCM 2017 Results

Posted on: April 21, 2017

COMAP MCM results are out. We had a record 7 teams participating this year (more than 2% of US teams). The results are very good: 3 meritorious, 3 honorable mention and 1 successful participation. We will post their summary pages in the window case on the first floor.
Team 55895 Problem C Successful Participation 
Schwarzkopf, Megan Leah
Wallace, Elizabeth Mary
Caldwell, Ellen Mariah

Team 71254 Problem D Meritorious 
Wenbo Sun
Yixin (Eileen) Ma
Qiwen Gao

Team 71260 Problem D Meritoriou
*Qianyun (Iris) Lin
Zhang, Youyang
Wang, Yueyang

Team 71265  Problem F Meritorious
Hu, Yaxi 
Moss, Andrew Scott
Powell, Owen Kalem

Team 71270 Problem D Honorable Mention
Will Teuscher
Chris Coleman
*Hunter Hale

Team 6  71275 Problem F Honorable Mention
Hu, Junze
Kedi Zheng  
Eileen Zhang  
Team 71277  Problem B Honorable Mention

Yujie (Jeffrey) Jiang  
*Linde (David) Yang  
Shengcheng Chen  

*Team Captain