Senior Thesis Presentation: Hao Chen

Posted on: December 7, 2016

“Petal Links”

Hao Chen

Friday at 12 noon, Dec. 9, 2016


A petal diagram of a knot or link consists of a center point surrounded by n non-nested loops; it represents n strands of the link at various heights which all project onto the same center point. Though every knot has a petal diagram, as shown recently by Adams, extremely few links have petal diagrams. We detected a relationship among petal links, circle graphs and simple graphs, where a circle graph is the intersection graph of a set of chords of a circle such that each chord corresponding to a vertex in the simple graph. Based on the relationship we found, we tabulated all petal links of 2-7 components and derived the number of petal links of 2-10 components.