The Mathematics and Mechanics of Biological Growth

Posted on: March 26, 2018

This Thursday at 3:30 the AWM will be hosting an outside speaker: Becky Sanft from UNCA. Becky does research in mathematical biology with a particular emphasis on understanding the mechanics of biological growth. She did her Ph.D. at University of Arizona under the direction of Alain Goriely (now the director of the applied math program at Oxford). Below is her title and abstract:

Title:  The Mathematics and Mechanics of Biological Growth

Abstract: The mechanical description of growth is potentially of great interest in many different fields as growth plays a fundamental role in both normal development processes and in many pathological disorders. Growth, in general, is a process of enormous complexity involving genetic, biochemical, and physical components at many different scales and with complex interactions. Many issues in tissue growth are not yet well understood and there is a need to ascertain the fundamental interaction between mechanical stresses, changes in geometry and growth processes. Biological growth has predominantly been studied by biologists, but recent advances in both experimental and mathematical methods have allowed biomechanical engineers and mathematicians to investigate this problem. This talk aims to give an overview of the theories that have been used to model biological growth.