Graduate Students


Name   Undergrad Institution
Cerchia, Michael SUNY Geneseo
Chaos, Holly Paige Washington and Lee University
Clinch, Nicholas Wake Forest
Corak, Nicholas University of North Carolina Wilmington
Ferrer, Orlando University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
Gossett, Ian University Colorado Boulder
Guerrero-Guzman, Andres Lewis Clark College
Han, Yichen East China Normal University
Holley, Lydia Cornell University
Ingall, Corrie College of the Atlantic 
Ji, Yixuan Xiamen University
Lee, “Terry”Eun Hyeok Wake Forest
Martin, Desiree James Madison University
Martin, Colin Warren Wilson College
Newton, Alexis High Point University
Nichols, David Eastern Washington University
Rezek, Maximilian Washington and Lee
Rogowski, Susan James Madison University
Stephen, Carolyn St. John’s College
Tague, Mitchel Wake Forest
Wang, Yiwei U. of Science & Technology Beijing
Warta, James Penn State University
Webster, Stephanie Smith College
White, Brian University of North Carolina Asheville
Whiteside, Heidi Winston-Salem State University
Wu, Bo University of Macau
Xue, Xiaohuan Taiyuan Normal University
Yang, Biqing Jilin University
Yang, Yutong Kennesaw State University
Yu, Kejia Shanghai University
Zhang, Xinyu Jilin University


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