2012 Publications

Technical Report 2012-1 [ PDF file ]

On the existence of multiple positive solutions to some superlinear systems
M. Chhetri, S. Raynor and S. Robinson
Proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, 142A, 39–59, 2012

Technical Report 2012-2 [ PDF file ]

Analysis of a Co-Epidemic Model
Quinn Morris
SIAM Undergraduate Research Online (SIURO)

Technical Report 2012-3 [ Request file ]

Quasi-Newton Methods for the Trust-Region
Jennifer B. Erway
in preparation.

Technical Report 2012-4 [ Request file ]

K2 factors of Koszul algebras and applications to face rings
Andrew Conner and Brad Shelton
Journal of Algebra (2012), pp. 251-270

Technical Report 2012-5 [ Request file ]

MSS: MATLAB software for L-BFGS trust-region subproblems for large-scale optimization
Jennifer B. Erway and Roummel F. Marcia
2012, submitted.

Technical Report 2012-6 [ Request file ]

Shifted L-BFGS systems
Jennifer B. Erway, Vibhor Jain, and Roummel F. Marcia
2012, submitted.

Technical Report 2012-7 [ Request file ]

Power of food moderates, food craving, perceived control, and brain networks following a short-term post-absorptive state in older adults.
J. Norris, W. J. Rejeski, J. Burdette, M. Burns, A. R. Morgan, S. Hayasaka, D. Williamson, P. J. Laurienti
Appetite, 48 (3) June (2012) with

Technical Report 2012-8 [ Request file ]

Bayesian probabilistic network modeling of multiple replicates.
J. Norris, D. J. John and K. L. Patton.
BMC Bioinformatics (2012) 13 (Supplement 9) 1-13, with

Technical Report 2012-9 [ Request file ]

Influence of weight loss, body composition, and lifestyle behaviors on plasma adipokines.
J. Norris, G. Miller, G. Muday.
Journal of Obesity (2012) Article ID /08505