WADE Into Research

The Wake/Davidson Experience in Number Theory Research (WADE INTO Research) is a research experience for undergraduates (REU) that will run from June through August. Eight undergraduate participants will experience the excitements, joys, and challenges of original mathematical research. The number theory problems will be selected with the participants background and interests in mind, and each will have a computational component. The participants will be paid $4500 and will have lodging in Wake Forest dorms paid for. The program also has some limited funding to pay for participants travel. In addition to working on research projects, the students will benefit from a rich professional development program which includes guest lectures from those in academia and industry (see the people page). Participants will also attend the Mock AMS Conference at the University of Georgia and the Joint Mathematics Meetings in January.


Collaborative Research Project a mathematics research experience for undergraduates

The inaugural Collaborative Research Project (CRP) in mathematics was held in March 2015. The event featured teams of up to 4 undergraduates at a handful of colleges and universities in the United States; unlike some competitions, all teams will be collaborating with each other on a mathematics research problem.

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