2000 Technical Reports

Technical Report 2000-1     [ PDF file ]   

Analytic Functions and Boundary Values
Richard D. Carmichael and S. Pilipovic
April 2000

Technical Report 2000-2     [ PDF file ]

Examples of FCR-algebras
Ellen E. Kirkman and Lance W. Small
Communications in Algebra (30)(2002)(7), 3311-3326.

Technical Report 2000-3     [ PDF file ]     

Extension of incompressible surfaces on the boundaries of 3-manifolds
Michael Freedman, Hugh Howards, and Ying-Qing Wu
Appeared in The Pacific Journal of Mathematics, 194 (2000), no. 2, 335–348.

Technical Report 2000-4     [ PDF file ]  

The isoperimetric problem on surfaces of revolution of decreasing Gauss Curvature
Frank Morgan, Michael Hutchings, and Hugh Howards
Appeared in Trans of the AMS 52 (2000), no. 11, 4889–4909.

Technical Report 2000-5     [ PDF file

Knotted Spheres and Graphs in Balls
Hugh Nelson Howards
Appeared in Journal of Knot Theory and its Ramifications 9 (2000), no. 7, 917–937.

Technical Report 2000-6     [ PDF file

Positive Solutions of Singular Nonlinear Boundary Value Problems
John V. Baxley and Jenifer Clason Martin
Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics (113), 2000, 381-399.

Technical Report 2000-7     [ PDF file ]     

A Class of Singular Nonlinear Boundary Value Problems
John V. Baxley and Kristina Porazzi Sorrells
Mathematical and Computer Modelling, (32), 2000, 631-641.

Technical Report 2000-8     [ PDF file ]

Nonlinear Boundary Value Problems with Multiple Solutions
John V. Baxley and Lyndsey Jessup Haywood
Nonlinear Analysis (47), 2001,1187-1198.

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