2002 Technical Reports

Technical Report 2002-1 [ PS file ]

3D Iterative Restoration of Tomosynthetic Images
Timothy Persons, Paul Hemler, and Robert Plemmons
January 2002

Technical Report 2002-2 [ PS file ]

Iterative Restoration of Wavefront Coded Imagery for Focus Invariance
Joe van der Gracht, James Nagy, Paul Pauca, and Robert Plemmons
January 2002

Technical Report 2002-3 [ PS file ]

Estimation of Complex Ultrasonic Medium Responses by Deconvolution
Zhiping Mu, Robert Plemmons, and Pete Santago
January 2002

Technical Report 2002-4 [ Request file ]

Bayesian capture-recapture analysis allowing for heterogeneity between animals
Sujit. K. Ghosh and James L. Norris
April 2002

Technical Report 2002-5 [ PDF file ]

Strongly n-trivial Knots
Hugh Howards and John Luecke
To appear in Bulletin of London Math Society

Technical Report 2002-6 [ PS file ]

An Interior-Point Trust-Region-Based Method for Large-Scale Non-Negative Regularization
Marielba Rojas and Trond Steihaug
Inverse Problems, 18(5): 1291-1307, 2002.

Technical Report 2002-7 [  ]

Large-scale Optimization Techniques for Nonnegative Image Restorations
Marielba Rojas and Trond Steihaug
Proceedings of SPIE, 4791: 233-242, 2002.

Technical Report 2002-8 [ PDF file ]

Sinai-Ruelle-Bowen Measures for Lattice Dynamical Systems
Miaohua Jiang
July 2002

Technical Report 2002-9 [ PDF file ]

Coupling two unimodal maps with simple kneading sequences
Bastien Fernandez and Miaohua Jiang
August 2002

Technical Report 2002-10 [ PDF file ]

Evaluating the Quasi-Monte Carlo Method for Discontinuous Integrands
Miaohua Jiang and Elizabeth McNamara

Technical Report 2002-11 [ PDF file

Posting Math to the Web Using Tools on the Wake Forest Standard Load
Steven Wicker
October 2002

Technical Report 2002-12 [ PDF file ]

Research Problems Associated with Generalizations of H r Functions
and Boundary Values
Richard Carmichael
October 2002

Technical Report 2002-13 [ Request file ]

Bounds for Linear Recurrences with Restricted Coefficients
Kenneth S. Berenhaut and Robert Lund
Appeared in Journal of Inequalities in Pure and Applied Mathematics (2002).

Technical Report 2002-14 [ PS file ]

Renewal Convergence Rates for DHR and NWU Lifetimes
Kenneth S. Berenhaut and Robert Lund
To appear in Probability in the Engineering and Informational Sciences, 16 (2002),
no. 1, 67–84.

Technical Report 2002-15 [ PDF file ]

Score Tests for Heterogeneity and Overdispersion in Zero-Inflated Poisson and
Binomial Regression Models
Daniel B. Hall and Kenneth S. Berenhaut
To appear in Canadian Journal of Statistics, 30 (2002), no. 3.

Technical Report 2002-16 [ PDF file ]

Nonlinear Boundary Value Problems with Multiple Positive Solutions
John V. Baxley and Phillip T. Carroll
To appear in Continuous and Discrete Dynamical Systems.

Technical Report 2002-17 [ PDF file ]

On the Generalization of the Courant Nodal Domain Theory
Pavel Drabek and Stephen B. Robinson
Journal of Differential Equations 181, 58-71 (2002)

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