2003 Technical Reports

Technical Report 2003-1 [  ]

Large-Scale Interior-Point Techniques for Dynamic Single Photon Emission
Computerized Tomography (SPECT). First Progress Report
Dominikus Noll, Marielba Rojas and Germain Tanoh
January 2003

Technical Report 2003-2 [ Request file ]

Promoting Faculty Adoption of Technology at Wake Forest University
Steven Wicker and Beth Boyd
To Appear in The Technology Source, November/December 2003.

Technical Report 2003-3 [ PDF file ]

Nonlinear Higher Order Boundary Value Problems with Multiple Solutions
John V. Baxley and Corey R. Houmand
January 2003

Technical Report 2003-4 [ PDF file ]

LSTRS: Matlab Software for Large-Scale Trust-Region Subproblems and Regularization
Marielba Rojas, Sandra A. Santos and Danny C. Sorensen
August 26, 2003. Revised October 23, 2003.

Technical Report 2003-5 [ PDF file ]

Minimization of Linear Functionals Defined on Solutions of Large-Scale Discrete Ill-Posed Problems
Lars Eldén, Per Christian Hansen and Marielba Rojas
BIT, 45(2): 329-340, 2005.

Technical Report 2003-6 [ Request file ]

Iterative Ultrasonic Signal and Image Deconvolution for Estimation of the Complex Medium Response
Zhiping Mu, Robert Plemmons, and Pete Santago
Submitted to the International Journal on Imaging Systems and Technology

Technical Report 2003-7 [ Request file ]

Engineering the Pupil Phase for Image Quality
Sudhakar Prasad, Todd Torgersen, Paul Pauca, Robert Plemmons, and Joe van der Gracht
Proceedings AeroSense Conference on Technologies and Systems for Defense and Security, Orlando, April 2003.

Technical Report 2003-8 [ Request file ]

Integrated Optical-Digital Approaches for Enhancing Image Restoration and Focus Invariance.
Paul Pauca, Robert Plemmons, Sudhakar Prasad and Todd Torgersen .
Proceedings SPIE Annual Conference, July 2003.

Technical Report 2003-9 [ Request file ]

On Reduced Rank Nonnegative Matrix Factorizations for Symmetric Matrices
M. Catral, Lixing Han, Michael Neumann and Robert Plemmons
Preprint, September 2003. To appear in Linear Algebra and Applications

Technical Report 2003-10 [ Request file ]

An Integrated Optical-Digital Approach for Improved Image Restoration
Paul Pauca, Robert Plemmons, Sudhakar Prasad, Todd Torgersen, Joe van der Gracht and Curt Vogel
Proceedings AMOS Technical Conference, Maui, HI, September 2003

Technical Report 2003-11 [ Link ]

Counterexamples to the 0-1 Conjecture
Gregory S. Warrington and Timothy J. McLarnan
Rep. Theory, 7 (2003), 181–195.

Technical Report 2003-12 [ Link ]

A Formulae for Inverse Kazhdan-Lusztig Polynomials in S_n
Gregory S. Warrington
J. Comb. Theory, Ser. A, 104, (2003), no. 2, 301–316.

Technical Report 2003-13 [ File ]

Maximal singular loci of Schubert varieties in SL(n)/B
Gregory S. Warrington and Sara C. Billey
Trans. of the AMS, 355 (2003), no. 10, 3915–3945.

Technical Report 2003-14 [ PDF file ]

On the Average Value for Nonconstant Eigenfunctions of the p-Laplacian assuming Neumann Boundary Data
Stephen B. Robinson
Fifth Mississippi State Conference of Differential Equations and Computational Simulations, Electronic Journal of Differential Equations, Conference 10, 2003, pp 251-256.

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