2004 Technical Reports

Technical Report 2004-1 [ PDF file ]

Text Mining using Nonnegative Matrix Factorizations
Paul Pauca, Farial Shahnaz, Michael Berry and Robert Plemmons
Procceedings SIAM Inter. Conference on Data Mining, Orlando, April 2004

Technical Report 2004-2 [ PDF file ]

Unmixing Spectral Data for Space Objects using Independent Component Analysis and Non-Negative Matrix Factorization
Paul Pauca, Robert Plemmons, Maile Giffin, Kris Hamada
To appear in the Proceedings Amos Technical Conf., Maui, 2004.

Technical Report 2004-3 [ PDF file ]

Iris Recognition with Enhanced Depth-of-Field Image Aquisition
Joseph van der Gracht, Paul Pauca, Harsha Setty, Ramkumar Narayanswamy, Robert Plemmons, Sudhakar Prasad, and Todd Torgersen
Proceedings SPIE Conference on Defense and Homeland Security, Orlando, April 2004

Technical Report 2004-4 [ PDF file ]

High-Resolution Imaging Using Integrated Optical Systems
Sudhakar Prasad, Todd Torgersen, Paul Pauca, Robert Plemmons, and Joe van der Gracht
Appeared in the International Journal on Imaging Systems and Technology, 2004

Technical Report 2004-5 [ PDF file ]

Computational Imaging Systems for Iris Recognition
Robert Plemmons, Michael Horvath, Emily Leonhardt, Paul Pauca, Sudhakar Prasad, Stephen Robinson, Harsha Setty, Todd Torgersen, Joseph van der Gracht, Edward Dowski, Ramkumar Narayanswamy, and Paulo E. X. Silveira
To appear in Proceedings SPIE Annual Meeting, Denver 2004

Technical Report 2004-6 [ PDF file ]

Pupil-phase Optimization for Extended-Focus, Aberration-Corrected Imaging Systems
S. Prasad, V.P. Pauca, R. J. Plemmons, T. C. Torgersen, and J. van der Gracht
To appear in Proceedings SPIE Annual Meeting, Denver, 2004.

Technical Report 2004-7 [ PDF file ]

Document Clustering using Nonnegative Matrix Factorization
Farial Shahnaz, Michael Berry, Paul Pauca, and Robert Plemmons
Submitted to the Journal on Information Processing & Management, August 2004

Technical Report 2004-8 [ PDF file ]

Object Characterization from Spectral Data Using Nonnegative Factorization and Information Theory
Jon Piper, Paul Pauca, Robert Plemmons, and Maile Giffin
To appear in the Proc. Amos Technical Conf., Maui, September 2004

Technical Report 2004-9 [ PDF file ]

Linear Response Function for Coupled Hyperbolic Attractors
Miaohua Jiang and Rafael De La Llave
October 2003

Technical Report 2004-10 [ Link ]

The Combinatorics of a Three-line Circulant Determinant
Nicholas A. Loehr, Gregory S. Warrington, Herbert S. Wilf
Israel Journal Math., 143 (2004), 141–156.

Technical Report 2004-11 [  ]

Square q,t-lattice paths and nabla(p_n)
Gregory S. Warrington and Nicholas A. Loehr
Submitted Nov. 2004

Technical Report 2004-12 [ PDF File ]

On the Second Eigenvalue for Nonhomogeneous Quasi-linear Operators
Stephen B. Robinson
SIAM Journal Math. Anal., Vol. 35, No. 5 , pp. 1241-1249

Technical Report 2004-13 [ Request file ]

Review of Advanced Calculus with Applications in Statistics by André I Khuri
Berenhaut, K. S.
Journal of the American Statistical Association, 99, No. 467, 903–904

Technical Report 2004-14 [ PDF File ]

Optimization with Surrogates for Electronic-Structure Calculations
Yonas Beyene Abraham
Master’s Thesis, May 2004

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