2011 Technical Reports

Technical Report 2011-1 [ PDF file ]

Predicting Epidemics using a Network Model
Roumen Iordanov
Senior Honors Thesis

Technical Report 2011-2 [ Link ]

Barrier Methods for Critical Exponent Problems in Geometric Analysis and Mathematical Physics
Jennifer B. Erway and Michael Holst

Technical Report 2011-3 [ Link ]

Dimensions of Self-Similar Fractals
Melissa Ann Glass
Master’s Thesis under the direction of Dr. Sarah Raynor

Technical Report 2011-4 [ PDF file ]

On the Fredholm Alternative for the Fucik Spectrum
Pavel Drabek and Stephen B. Robinson
Abstract and Applied Analysis, Volume 2010, Article ID 125464, 20 pages

Technical Report 2011-5 [ PDF file ]

Continua of local minimizers in a non-smooth model of phase transitions
Pavel Drabek and Stephen B. Robinson
Z. Angew. Math. Phys. 62 (2011), 609–622

Technical Report 2011-6 [ Request file ]

The partition function modulo prime powers.
Matthew Boylan and John J. Webb Trans.
Amer. Math. Soc., accepted for publication

Technical Report 2011-7 [ Request file ]

Quasi-Newton methods for the trust-region step
Jennifer B. Erway

Technical Report 2011-8 [ Request file ]

Limited-memory BFGS systems with diagonal updates
Jennifer B. Erway and Roummel F. Marcia
Submitted for publication.

Technical Report 2011-9 [ PDF file ]

A geometric and combinatorial view of weighted voting
Sarah Mason and Jason Parsley

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