Helping with Graded Assignments

Guidelines for Helping with Graded Assignments

  • The tutor may not work any part of the assignment for a student
  • The tutor may not check a student’s work and tell the student if any part of the answer is correct
  • The tutor may clarify directions which may not be clear to the student
  • The tutor may ask the student questions to determine what the student does not understand
  • The tutor may then help the student work through a problem from the book, from a worksheet that is not to be turned in or a problem the tutor makes up to help the student understand the concept that the student is having trouble with
  • The tutor may help a student with general calculator issues if the tutor is familiar with the particular calculator the student is using
  • The tutor may help a student with general software issues
  • If the tutor is unsure whether he or she can answer a question that a student asks, the tutor should not answer the question, but instead should refer to the Math Center binder for that professor for guidance
  • If information in the professor binder does not clarify how a tutor can help, the tutor should not answer the question and should refer the student to his/her professor or to the director of the Math Center

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