Welcome to the web page of the Microscopic Imaging Core Facility of the Biology Department at Wake Forest University. Here you can learn about our facility, our image capture and analysis capabilities, find operating protocols for our equipment, review technical documentation, and local users may reserve time on a system using our web-based calendar.

Compresstome Tissue Sectioning Device Now Available

by August 10, 2015
Image for Compresstome Tissue Sectioning Device Now Available

The Compresstome tissue sectioning device offers an alternative to vibratome slicing, and features superior tissue block support and sectioning in the range of 30-500um thickness. This technique is suitable for live or fixed, non-frozen tissues. .

Fungi confocal images now integrated into a Citizen Science public game

by August 14, 2014

Sabrina Setaro and colleagues have created a Citizen Sort game that is now open to the public. After collecting a series of confocal image stacks of fluorescently stained fungi on various plant roots, this group seeks to utilize the power of citizen science to analyze and validate this large volume Read more »

Now Featuring: Imaris 3-D image manipulation and measurement software

by June 10, 2014

Imaris software is now in use that allows advanced 3-D reconstruction, viewing, and presentation of image stacks. Rendered images can be visualized and manipulated in standard mode, or as surface/contour plots. A host of analytic segmentation and measurement tools are also available.

HCImage software now available for image acquisition

by January 8, 2014

Hamamatsu HCImage capture and analysis software has been added for the Zeiss AxioObserver inverted fluorescent microscope. HCImage includes real-time image analysis features, an intuitive control module for acquisition settings, and advanced analysis paradigms such as ratiometric calculation and display. This software is intended as a replacement for the Volocity acquisition system.

Improved 10X Lens for Confocal Microscope System

by December 16, 2013

The confocal microscope has been upgraded with a new 10X 0.45 NA Plan Apo lens. This lens will substantially improve image quality for lower magnification acquisition.

Stereoscope with digital live view and fluorescence added to confocal suite

by November 7, 2013

A high quality stereoscope has been relocated to the confocal suite. This stereoscope can be used as a teaching microscope with the capability for live sample digital viewing via the associated Moticam connection to a nearby monitor. A NightSea fluorescence adapter system was also added to this system that allows Read more »

Macro lens for Nikon D50 digital camera provides medium range imaging capability

by August 6, 2013

The facility has acquired a Tamron XR long working distance macro lens for use with the Nikon D50 camera. When paired with the reflected light illumination table and camera stand in Winston Hall 002, this system provides an excellent method for acquiring images for field sizes ranging from 2-15 cm. Read more »

Confocal Tile Scanning Features Improved

by April 8, 2013

Tile scanning mode for the Zeiss 710 confocal now includes the capability to assign an overlap percentage for seamless stitching of tiled images. This feature corrects slight offset and misalignment that formerly could be detected between individual tile scanned fields.

Handheld blue laser available for GFP genotyping

by November 28, 2012

A 50 mW handheld blue laser (447 nm) is now located in the confocal suite. This device excites green fluorescent proteins such as GFP with fluorescent emission of 480-750 nm observed using the Thor Labs LG2 protective glasses. Use the handheld laser to genotype your transgenic organism by eye before dissection/mounting for Read more »