Pro Humanitate

Public Engagement in Music at Wake Forest

Public engagement is getting to know the arts in America today by creating beneficial relationships between Wake Forest students and the Winston-Salem arts community. Many courses include public-engagement activities as part of the course. Examples include:

  • Performing at schools,  retirement homes,  community events and celebrations.
  • Providing music as a healing force in hospitals and rehabilitation centers.
  • A myriad of additional connections between the arts and the community, for the betterment of both.

Each student invests 12 hours in an arts project.

In the American Music course, which is open to all students, there are 5 categories of public-engagement projects, with 5-7 students in a group project in each category:

1. An arts organization
2. A not-for-profit organization
3. A school or other child-centered agency
4. A religious group
5. A group associated with senior adults or the history of Winston-Salem

Some recent public-engagement projects in MUS 207 American Music:

  • Teach instruments at the Children’ Home
  • Work with middle-schoolers after school
  • Design and distribute a brochure for a special production
  • Play music for nursing home folks at Brookridge Retirement Center
  • Build desks for 2 elementary-school children interested in music
  • Create arts activities for a family day at the Children’s Enrichment Center

You have a place in the arts at Wake Forest and in the Winston-Salem community, for their betterment and yours, through public engagement.