Giles Harris Winners 2010

The 33rd Annual Christopher Giles and Lucille S. Harris Competitions in
Musical Performance were held on Saturday, February 20, 2010 in Brendle Recital Hall on the campus of Wake Forest University.

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Winners were as follows:

Joseph Pleasant and Marguerite Nutt Sloan Award
1st Place – Open Competition


Candice Dickinson, soprano – freshman – from Asheville, NC
(student of Richard Heard)

Patricia Sloan Mize Award
2nd Place – Open Competition

Jacob Eichhorn, clarinet – sophomore – from Greensboro, NC
(student of Dr. Eileen Young)

3rd Place – Open Competition

Virginia Browne, soprano – senior – from Winston-Salem, NC
(student of Ms. Teresa Radomski)

4th Place – Open Competition

Kayla Shipley, clarinet – junior – from Westminster, MD
(student of Dr. Eileen Young)

Award for Outstanding Performance by a Non-Music Major – Open Competition
Emily Sigler, flute – senior – from Pittsford, NY
(student of Mrs. Kathryn Levy)

The Sinal Prize
1st Place – Piano Competition

Cheng Liu – freshman – from Hangzhou, China
(student of Dr. Peter Kairoff)

The Elvy Prize
2nd Place – Piano Competition

Ilchan Fraser Song – sophomore – from Seoul, Korea
(student of Dr. Peter Kairoff)

The Ward Virts Prize for Pianistic Expressiveness
Lauren Rajakovich – senior – from Pittsburgh, PA
(student of Dr. Peter Kairoff )


All photography by Bill Ray.