Giles Harris Winners 2011

The 34th Annual Christopher Giles and Lucille S. Harris Competitions in
Musical Performance were held on Saturday, February 19, 2011 in Brendle Recital Hall on the campus of Wake Forest University.

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Winners were as follows:

Joseph Pleasant and Marguerite Nutt Sloan Award
First Place Performance by an Instrumentalist – Open CompetitionDSC_8939

Brennan Wong – freshman – from Austin, TX
(student of Dr. Jacqui Carrasco)

Patricia Sloan Mize Award
Second Place Performance by an Instrumentalist- Open CompetitionDSC_8944

Elizabeth Hartley, alto saxophone – senior – from Ocala, FL
(student of Dr. Eileen Young)

The Award for Outstanding Performance by a SingerDSC_8948

Ryan Wyrofsky, tenor – senior – from Moorestown, NJ
(student of Richard Heard)

The Award for Outstanding Performance by a Non-Music Majormendez_estrada

Jorge Méndez Estrada, double bass – junior – from Kernersville, NC
(student of John Spuller)

The Sinal Prize
First Place in the Piano Competition


Cheng Liu – sophomore – from Hangzhou, China
(student of Dr. Louis Goldstein)

The Elvy Prize
Second Place in the Piano Competitionfedor

Erica Fedor – sophomore – from Ellicott City, MD
(student of Dr. Louis Goldstein)

The Ward Virts Prize for Pianistic ExpressivenessDSC_8974

Lauren Rajakovich – senior – from Pittsburgh, PA
(student of Dr. Louis Goldstein)


All photography by Bill Ray.