The Boteler Prize for the Pursuit of Excellence in Music

The Louise Cochrane Boteler Prize for the Pursuit of Excellence in Music was established in 1995 by her friends in memory of this 1975 Wake Forest alumna who pursued a career in choral music education following graduation.  The intention of the prize is to award annually a stipend to an “outstanding undergraduate student” for use in a manner that advances the student’s undergraduate pursuit of excellence in music.

The prize is open to students holding a 2.8 overall WFU GPA or higher who are either (1) declared majors or minors or (2) prospective majors or minors who have taken and/or are taking at least 2 courses from the list 171, 172, 173, 174, 181, 182, 183; at least 2 semesters of ensemble; and at least 2 semesters of individual instruction.  Boteler recipients must return to Wake Forest for at least one semester beyond the semester in which the prize is awarded.

Nominations for the award are made by individual faculty members in early spring.  Upon selection, the nominee submits a written proposal to the chair of the Honors Committee outlining a specific project with a detailed description and itemized budget. The Honors Committee in consultation with the chair identifies a faculty advisor for the project. The Honors Committee and advisor meet and reach a consensus regarding the proposed use of the stipend, approving or recommending changes in the proposal as needed.  The nominee submits a revised proposal to the Honors Committee, if necessary, following this meeting.

The Christian Cappelluti Prize

This prize is awarded to one or two students demonstrating outstanding musical merit and promise. Students at any level, including incoming first-year students, may be nominated by a faculty member, with awards made upon a vote of the full music faculty. The award is named in memory of Wake Forest graduate Christian Cappelluti (’97), who died unexpectedly at the age of 22.