MUS 100

Music 100 – Spring 2018

MUSIC 100 is required of all majors and minors of the Department of Music.  It is graded on a Pass/Fail (P/F) basis, and its sole requirement is attendance at a set number of Department of Music approved events.

How Music 100 Works:

1. The official and current list of approved  MUSIC 100 events will be posted in the Music Office and on the Department of Music web site.  Should any changes be made during the semester, both listings will be adjusted to remain current.

2. Students may choose to use up to two (2) off-campus events (e.g., Winston-Salem Symphony, Piedmont Opera, concerts at UNCSA) to apply to MUSIC 100.  The student may only use such an event upon prior approval from the Associate Chair of the department (Dr. Carrasco).

3.  A list of MUSIC 100 enrollees will be available from the student worker at the lobby ticket booth.  MUSIC 100 students must sign their name before the event and initial it afterwards.   Evidence of attendance at an off-campus concert must include a ticket stub and copy of the program, both of which are to be submitted to the Chair of the department for verification.

4. Students who are performing in an event do received MUSIC 100 credit, and still have the responsibility of signing the MUSIC 100 signature sheet. If unable to do this, notification must be made to Carol Brehm in the Music Office on the next school/work day.


6. After the list is signed, it will be given to the MUSIC 100 “Instructor” (Dr. Carrasco) for attendance credit.

7. It is the responsibility of each student to keep track of his or her own attendance of MUSIC 100 events. Students now have access to MUSIC 100 event records on Sakai. Please contact Carol Brehm in the Department of Music office (x5364) if you have questions.

The Music Faculty urges students to pace their attendance carefully throughout the semester.  Warning notices regarding a pending “Fail” grade will not be sent.  Special requests concerning the inability to comply with these requirements should be made in writing to the instructor and will seldom be approved.

Click link below to see events for credit – Fall 2017

Events for MUS 100 Credit Spring 2018