The Department of Music of Wake Forest University has very limited scholarship resources.  The most coveted award is the Presidential Scholarship for Distinguished Achievement for outstanding work in music, art, theatre, debate and other areas.   The Department also oversees the distribution of two merit awards: the Cappeluti Scholarship awarded in memory of Christian Cappeluti and the Boteler Prize, which are awarded to those students who have exemplified the best attitude and actions in the Music Department.  These are usually only available to students who have already matriculated.  In addition the Department oversees the distribution of limited named scholarship funds to help students cover fees for individual instruction.  See the Awards page for more information.

Presidential Scholarship for Distinguished Achievement

Presidential Scholarships for Distinguished Achievement recognize up to twenty first-year students who demonstrate a solid academic background extraordinary achievement in dance, music art, theatre, and debate.  These $16,000 renewable scholarships are awarded on the basis of application, audition and interview.  Preference is given to applications received by November 15.  The program is administered through the Wake Forest University Office of Admissions Merit Scholarships coordinator Lowell Tillet.  Dr. David Hagy oversees the departmental process for selecting these scholarship recipients. Click here for the application.

Application Procedure for Individual Instruction Fee Scholarships

Those students who feel they have a need and would like to apply for a scholarship to cover or partially cover their individual instruction fee should fill out the application.  This should be returned by May 1 for consideration of both the following year’s semesters.  Freshmen and those students abroad may submit an application at the beginning of the fall semester for the year’s consideration by the Friday following Labor Day.

Departmental Scholarships

The scholarships to cover the private lesson fee are provided by the following funds:

The M. Elizabeth Harris Music Scholarship Fund
The Thane Edward and Marie Dayton McDonald Memorial Music Scholarship Fund
The Joseph Pleasant and Marguerite Nutt Sloan Memorial Fund
The Marie Thornton and Miriam Carlyle Willis Scholarship Fund

Departmental Expectations

All students who hold Department of Music awards are expected to participate visibly in the Wake Forest Music Department’s programs.  This includes taking a class in individual instruction (MUS 161, 162, or 262) as well as an ensemble of the Department’s choosing.  In addition, Presidential Scholars are expected to be a positive influence in the Department.  Scholarships to cover individual instruction fees are given based on need, but preference is given to Presidential Scholars, Music Majors, and Music Minors.  Presidential Scholars must meet annually with a faculty mentor from the Department to outline their yearly goals and must submit an apologia of what they have done to the Presidential Scholarship committee each spring to be considered for renewal.

Wake Forest Student Financial Aid

Wake Forest University is committed to making its program available to qualified students from diverse backgrounds and thus offers two types of programs: Merit-based scholarships for extraordinarily gifted students, and Need-based aid that may include scholarship, loans, and employment opportunities for students whose families cannot otherwise meet the costs of enrollment.