Theory Placement Test

Your music major/minor requires you to take Music Theory, which requires you to take an online placement test.  Whether you intend to take Music Theory this spring or not, if you have not taken the Placement Test or received an exemption via the Music chair, Dr. Stewart Carter, you should take the online test, between noon Jan. 10 (F) and noon Jan. 17 (F).

1. Contact Jolie Tingen (tingenjg AT for the link to the Theory Placement Exam online, but before you begin…

2. Make sure you have around 60 minutes, a quiet place, and only a blank sheet of paper and a pencil or pen in front of you, then select that link, after you . . .

3. . . . are sure your computer’s volume is up and you can complete the entire test once you start it. (Students may take the test only once; therefore, be sure to complete your test your first time accessing the link.
By submitting your test, you will be indicating that you have not used or provided assistance from any source, human or otherwise, live or online. (WFU Honor Code)
You will be notified of your theory placement after Jan. 17.

Please email Professor Susan Borwick (borwick AT if you have questions about the exam.