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The Future of the Philosophy of Time

April 9-11, 2010
Graylyn Conference Center, Winston-Salem, NC

April 9

5-5:05 pm:
Adrian Bardon
Welcoming remarks

5:05 – 6:15 pm:
L. Nathan Oaklander
“A Russellian Ontology of Time”
(Moderated by Christian Miller)

April 10

9 am
Craig Callender
“Moving past the ABC’s of Time”
(Moderated by Emily Austin)

10 am
Ted Sider
(Moderated by John Roberts)

11 am
Tim Maudlin
“Time and the Geometry of Spacetime”
(Moderated by Ralph Kennedy)

1 pm
Michael Tooley
On presentism (exact title TBA)

2 pm
Ulrich Meyer
“Times as Abstractions”
(Moderated by Jill North)

3 pm
Heather Dyke
“On the Methodology of the Metaphysics of Time”
(Moderated by Philip Turetzky)

5 - 6:30 pm
John Earman, L. Nathan Oaklander, Michael Tooley:
Panel discussion on the future of the philosophy of time
(Moderated by Ned Markosian)

April 11

9 am
Jenann Ismael
“Agency, Time, and Becoming”
 (Moderated by Vishnya Maudlin)

10 am
L.A. Paul
“The Experience and Ontology of Change”
11 am
Barry Dainton
“Time and Temporal Experience”
(Moderated by Trenton Merricks)


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