At Wake Forest University

Basic Problems in Philosophy (x17)

Freshman Seminar on Plato’s Republic

Freshman Seminar on God (x4)

Freedom, Moral Responsibility, and Action

Ethical Theory (x9)

Topics in Ethics: Moral Realism (x2)

Philosophy and Christianity (x4)

Directed Reading Course: Virtue Ethics

Directed Reading Course: Kantian and Consequentialist Ethics

Directed Reading Course: Neuroscience and Morality

Directed Reading Course: Religion and Morality

Directed Reading Course: Philosophy of C.S. Lewis

Directed Reading Course: Second Commandment

Directed Reading Course: Philosophy and Psychology of Character

Senior Honor Thesis Supervision (x10 – Nuclear Ethics, Death Penalty, Divine Command Theory, Obligations to Future Generations, Social Psychology and Virtue Ethics, Philosophy of the Trinity, Demandingness of Morality, Trinity and Incarnation, Technology and Privacy, Personal Identity and the Resurrection)

Second Reader (x2 – Nietzsche on Equality, Natural Law Theory and Marriage)

Independent Work with Two Master’s Students, PHI 660 Ethics

Independent Work with Master’s Student, PHI 661 Topics in Ethics

Independent Work with Two Master’s Students, PHI 670 Philosophy and Christianity

URECA Summer Project Supervision: Compassion