Student Awards

Pritchard Scholars

The Gregory D. Pritchard Scholarship Fund was established in 1997 with a gift from James L. Barrett and Gloria J. Barrett of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, in honor of their former teacher at Oklahoma Baptist University, Dr. Gregory Pritchard.

Dr. Pritchard served as Chair of the Philosophy Department at Oklahoma Baptist University from 1952 to 1968 and as Chair of the Philosophy Department at Wake Forest University from 1969 to 1994.

The fund honors Dr. Pritchard for his many contributions at Oklahoma Baptist and Wake Forest by providing a monetary award to be given annually in his name during graduation ceremonies at Wake Forest. The award is to be given to the student who, in the opinion of the department chair, after consultation with the faculty, is determined to be “the most deserving graduating philosophy student.” In some years we have found it necessary to divide the award among several equally deserving first-rate students.

  • 2012. Andrew Butler, Annabel Lang
  • 2011. Tyler Askew, Julia Kestner, Patrick Ryan, and Bo-Shan Xiang
  • 2010. Victoria Moore and Samuel Sims
  • 2009. Joseph LaBaw
  • 2008. Lawrence Ngo
  • 2007. Adam Blincoe, Kevin Hembree
  • 2006. Patrick Jackson
  • 2005. Brett Lohoefener
  • 2004. Ryan Doerfler, Joel Gladd, and Adam Winck
  • 2002. Ingrid Albrecht, Michael Bounds, and Justin Jennings
  • 2001. Shawn Dingle, Matthew Henschel, and Somya Tariyal
  • 2000. Sam Newlands
  • 1999. Andrew Stewart, Keith Szeliga, and Paul Thomas.
  • 1998. Robert Clewis

Departmental Honors

  • 2012. Andrew Butler, Samuel Murray, Anne Showalter, and Jonathan Zaikowski
  • 2011. Alberto Nicolas Gabrielli, Bo-Shan Xiang
  • 2010. Victoria Moore, Samuel Sims
  • 2009. Joe LaBaw, Farahn Morgan, and Forrest Pearce

Willis Scholars

  • Summer 2012.  Jonathan Barker, Brett LaPrad
  • Summer 2011.  Samuel Murray