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I studied philosophy at Franciscan University of Steubenville (BA & MA), and the University of Virginia (PhD).  My dissertation, “Existence and Emergence,” was directed by Trenton Merricks.  After UVa, I spent a year on a postdoctoral fellowship at Notre Dame’s Center for Philosophy of Religion, which was a splendid place. I'm now part of Wake Forest’s excellent—and very active—philosophy department. I teach and write about metaphysics, philosophy of religion, and the history of philosophy. I borrow a lot from Aristotle and the medieval scholastics, particularly St. Thomas Aquinas.

Wake Forest's philosophy department is hosting the Society of Christian Philosophers Eastern Regional meeting in 2010. For more information, see here.

Some of my papers:

“Divine Judgment and the Nature of Time,” Faith and Philosophy 22 (2005)
“Meta-ontology and Accidental Unity,” Philosophical Quarterly 56 (2006)
“Contingently Existing Propositions?” Philosophical Studies 129 (2006)
“Pascal’s First Wager Reconsidered,” co-written with Christopher Toner,  International Philosophical Quarterly 46 (2006)
"Emergent Substance," Philosophical Studies 141 (2008)
“Personhood and Death in St. Thomas Aquinas,” History of Philosophy Quarterly 26 (2009)
“Reading ‘is’ Existentially in Republic 476-480,” British Journal for the History of Philosophy (forthcoming)
“On Hylemorphism and Personal Identity,” European Journal of Philosophy (forthcoming)
“Hylemorphic Animalism,” Philosophical Studies (forthcoming)
“Transubstantiation, Essentialism and Substance,” Religious Studies (forthcoming)
“On Substance,” American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly (forthcoming)
“Independence Accounts of Substance and Substantial Parts,” Philosophical Studies (forthcoming)
“St. Thomas Aquinas on Death and the Separated Soul,” Pacific Philosophical Quarterly (forthcoming)

Full CV

As you can see, I do not have any papers—finished or in progress—available online. But if you email me, I’d be glad to send papers to you.

Email: tonerpj@wfu.edu