Alumni Profile – Grace Johnson

Grace JohnsonIn May 2009, I graduated with a major in Political Science and a minor in Global Trade and Commerce Studies from Wake Forest.  During the past year, I lived abroad in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, teaching English in two local public middle schools as a Fulbright Fellow English Teaching Assistant (ETA).  I worked with local Taiwanese co-teachers to teach a specialized English class for eighth graders focused on American culture through the use of oral and auditory English language skills.  This coming year, I will again be in Kaohsiung, this time as the pupil instead of the teacher, studying Mandarin at National Sun Yat-sen University.  My years at Wake Forest opened up to me a myriad of exciting opportunities in which to use my political science degree beyond the usual law school trajectory.  Because of the intimacy and individual attention given to students in the department, I received opportunities to participate in conferences and to do individual research through summer fellowships.  While at Wake, my professors challenged me to think outside of my limited experiences and encouraged me to pursue my goals, even when they sounded crazy.  The close mentorship I received from my professors continues to this day, as they remain supportive and interested in my future.  My Wake Forest education not only taught me the essentials of academic writing and critical thinking, but it also helped me to learn how to approach the world with an open and curious mind. [posted August 2010]