Alumni Profile – Megan Huber

Megan HuberI graduated from Wake Forest in May 2010. After spending a few months working as a Resource Call Specialist with the National Human Trafficking Resource Center in Washington, DC, I left in December 2010 to be a US Fulbright Scholar in rural Malaysia. I have the opportunity to work as an English Teaching Assistant (ETA) at a rural secondary school while simultaneously examining the unique way of life which exists in the highly conservative Muslim state of Terengganu. The past few months in Malaysia have proven to be profoundly challenging and yet incredibly rewarding experiences, and they are ones which the Political Science department prepared me for in a way I do not think any other university or department could.

I credit the stimulating course options as well as the close one-on-one contact and support of the Political Science faculty with opening the doors necessary for my post-graduate success so far. Every class I took within the department involved a highly personal and provocative exchange of ideas where students were continuously encouraged to ask questions and foster their own opinions. These skills gained within the classroom were only further reinforced by the eager willingness of the faculty to share their own passions and experience with their undergraduates, thereby allowing me to explore and develop my own research and career interests. All of the wonderful opportunities I have had the pleasure of experiencing, from a Richter grant to study female education in Nepal, to internships or jobs with such organizations as International Bridges to Justice in Geneva, Switzerland or Polaris Project in DC, to my current position as a Fulbright scholar in Malaysia are all direct products of the words or letters of support from professors in the Political Science department.  I am forever grateful for the personal attention and stimulating education I received during my time at Wake Forest, and I know that the skills and connections I have gained there will continue to assist me in any future endeavors I undertake. [posted April 2011]

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