February 2011 Founders’ Day Convocation

Two current and one former member of the Political Science Department were honored during Founders’ Day Convocation:

Two current and one former member of the Political Science Department were honored during Founders’ Day Convocation:

Award for Excellence in Research
Associate Professor of Political Science Michaelle Browers received the Award for Excellence in Research.  The award is presented annually to an outstanding young scholar in the College.

Jon Reinhardt Award for Distinguished Teaching
Professor of Political Science Helga Welsh received the Jon Reinhardt Award for Distinguished Teaching.  The award recognizes an experienced member of the College faculty, distinguished as a teacher in the broadest sense of the word and for exemplifying the ideals of a liberal arts education.

Donald O. Schoonmaker Faculty Award for Community Service
Professor Emerita of Political Science Jack Fleer received the Donald O. Schoonmaker Faculty Award for Community Service. Fleer joined the faculty in 1964 and retired in 2002. The award was established in 1988 by the Wake Forest Alumni Council to recognize extraordinary community service of a respected teacher-scholar from the College or the Calloway School of Business and Accountancy. The award is named in memory of Professor of Politics Donald Schoonmaker.

US Naval Academy 2012

Brittany Sykes

In April I had the opportunity to represent Wake Forest at the 2012 Naval Academy Foreign Affairs Conference in Annapolis, Maryland.  This year’s delegation was the largest in the conference’s history, with about 130 participants from 30 countries.  In accordance with the theme “The Eclipse of the West?”, we explored global power relations through debates, round tables, and guest speakers.  I participated in the “Soft Power” round table with delegates from the United States, Germany, Pakistan, Japan, Portugal, and Jamaica, discussing non-military methods for exerting international influence.  Throughout the week, I also heard from prominent figures such as Hillary Clinton, Jon Huntsman, and Paul Wolfowitz.  I recognize that the knowledge and experiences I gained while in Annapolis will be invaluable to my future as a student and global citizen.

West Point Academy 2012

Meenu Krishnan

In November 2011, I had the pleasure of attending the 63rd Annual Student Conference on U.S. Affairs (SCUSA), held annually at the United States Military Academy in West Point, New York. This year’s conference dealt with the theme of “Thinking Beyond Boundaries: Contemporary Challenges to U.S. Foreign Policy,” and students were split into fourteen roundtables to discuss thematic topics, including cyberterrorism, regional conflicts, and the role of international organizations in formulating foreign policy. I was assigned to “The Americas at a Crossroads: Drugs, Crime, and State Fracture,” which examined the particular challenges faced by Latin America in today’s policy arena. During the conference, each round table had to tackle a policy issue (ours was the legalization of drugs), craft a policy proposal, and present it along with a skit to the entire conference on the last day. The conference offered a valuable opportunity to debate and develop foreign policy with bright college students. Moreover, the conference gave me a valuable glimpse into the complexities of life at West Point, a far different academic culture from that of Wake Forest.

Aubrey Vaughan

In 2012 Aubrey Vaughan won the Carl Moses Excellence in Research Award for her senior paper ”Tackling the Challenges Presented by Romani Populations in Western Europe.” She will be attending Law School at the University of Kentucky.

Christopher Riccio

The 2012 winner of the Jack D. Fleer Award for Excellence in Honors was Christopher Riccio . He received the award for his senior paper “Measuring the Effect of the Oil Curse on Democracy.” His postgraduate plans involve teaching for one year and then attending Medical School.

Brooke Gilmore

In 2012 Brooke Gilmore was awarded the C.H. Richards Award for Excellence in Political Science. For 2012-13 Brooke was awarded a Corporate Fellowship to attend the MA program at the WFU Schools of Business.