Fulbright Scholar 2014

Meenu Krishnan

MeenuNext year, I will be moving to Spain on a Fulbright scholarship to research the extent of social, political, and economic integration of the Roma in urban contexts with relation to the governmental mechanisms and media representations that shape this process. I will be based in four cities throughout my Fulbright year – Sevilla, Granada, Madrid, and Barcelona – and I plan on incorporating interviews, surveys, and analysis of both mass media and legislation into my research. Following my Fulbright year, I will move back to the States to attend Yale Law School.


Bridger Mahlum

Bridger Mahlum won the Carl Moses Excellence in Research Award for his senior paper  ​”Redistricting and Competitive Elections: A Comparative Case Study.” He will be heading to Alaska in June as an campaign consultant for the U. S. Senate Election ​in that state​. While there, Bridger thought he would check into the rumor about there being “Gold in them thar hills….”


Kelly Flanigan

The 2014 winner of the Jack D. Fleer Award for Excellence in Honors was Kelly Flanigan. Her thesis was entitled: “The Odd One Out. Analysis of the Impact of Campaign- and Electorate-Specific Factors on Non-Major Party Performance in U.S. Elections.”  She has accepted a position doing consulting work with non-profit organizations after graduation. Kelly hopes to attend graduate school for a master’s degree related to either Public Policy or International Affairs in the future.

Emily Anderson and Kimberly Quick

Emily Emily Anderson and Kimberly Quick won the C.H. Richards Award for Excellence in Politics and International Affairs. Emily is looking forward to her work  as an Admissions Counselor at the Wake Forest Office of Undergraduate Admissions for the next two years!

Kimberly is excited to serve as the Wake Forest Fellow in the Office of the Provost for the 2014-2015 term. After completing the fellowship, she hopes to continue her education in law school.