Bridger Mahlum

Bridger Mahlum won the Carl Moses Excellence in Research Award for his senior paper  ​”Redistricting and Competitive Elections: A Comparative Case Study.” He will be heading to Alaska in June as an campaign consultant for the U. S. Senate Election ​in that state​. While there, Bridger thought he would check into the rumor about there being “Gold in them thar hills….”


Meenu Krishnan

Meenu Krishnan won the Carl Moses Excellence in Research Award for her senior paper “Democracies at Risk: Divergent Approaches to Press Violence in Colombia and Mexico.” She will be pursuing an MPhil in International Relations and Politics at Cambridge University in the UK.

Aubrey Vaughan

In 2012 Aubrey Vaughan won the Carl Moses Excellence in Research Award for her senior paper “Tackling the Challenges Presented by Romani Populations in Western Europe.” She will be attending Law School at the University of Kentucky.