Josie Butler – Fleer Scholarship

Josie Butler is the 2017 recipient of the Jack D. and Martha H. Fleer Scholarship. After graduation Josie will be moving to Santa Fe, New Mexico to work in the Education Department of the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum. She is interested in pursuing a career in the museum field and hopes to continue her educational career by attending graduate school for Museum Studies.

Savannah Hansen: Jack D. and Martha H. Fleer Scholarship

Savannah Hansen is the 2015 recipient of the Jack and Martha Fleer Scholarship award. Her thesis was “Linkage Over Ideology: Tracing the Rise and Decline of Turkish Democracy”. Savannah will be moving to Durham, North Carolina this summer to pursue a J.D. at Duke Law School in the fall. She is specifically interested in using her background in political science to study international law and human rights issues, but is also interested in domestic litigation and criminal and intellectual property law.