Departmental Honors Graduates 2015

Departmental Honors Graduates 2015

We proudly present the roster of students who graduated with honors in 2015.

Rachel Brown

Alex Buchholz

Laura Kennedy

Robert McCooey

Anthony Myers

Melissa Remmey

Matthew Schwartz

Quinn Simpson

Meredith Storm

Melissa Remmey featured in Old Gold & Black

remmey-polsci-300x200Eager to leave her home state of Pennsylvania for college, Melissa Remmey came to Wake Forest for many of the reasons we all have — it’s a small, academically prestigious university with a strong reputation that competes in what is arguably the strongest conference in division I college sports.

“I wanted to get out of Pennsylvania and try something different,” she said. “I was attracted by the fact that it was an academically prestigious school but that it had big-time sports and competed in the ACC.”

Remmey also knew she wanted to study government and politics during her college years, based on an interest she’s had for years.

“I’ve always been interested in learning about the government and comparing different countries to the U.S.,” she said. “Once I took my first political science course, it definitely solidified my interest in the subject.”

Her concentration in political science has been in comparative politics — the study of different governments in comparison to the U.S. political system. It’s a subject she’s studied with Neil DeVotta, an associate professor of politics and international affairs who has worked as Remmey’s adviser in the department.

Her interest in the subject was one of the reasons she studied abroad in Madrid during the fall semester of her junior year. While she lived with a host mother who spoke no English, Remmey said the experience was one of her favorites during her time at Wake Forest.
The Doylestown, Pa., native will begin working at Oracle, the computer technology corporation, in Boston after graduation as a sales and business development representative. While this is sure to be a new experience for her, Remmey says she’s looking forward to trying something different.

“I’m excited to try it and see if I like it,” Remmey said. “I’m open to exploring other possibilities for the future.”

In addition to her major in politics and international affairs, Remmey has also earned double minors in history and sociology during her time at Wake Forest.
“It matched my interest in political science because I’m interested in learning about people and past civilizations,” she said. “The way things are now can definitely be explained by past political and social trends.”

In the department of sociology, Remmey cited Steve Gunkel, associate teaching professor, as one of her favorite faculty members she’s studied under.
Down the road, Remmey says she’s considering enrolling in law school, although she wants to get a few years of work experience under her belt before deciding whether to pursue law as a possible career path.

While she’s eager to start her career in Boston this summer, Remmey says she’ll miss the friends she’s made here over the last four years as well as being in a classroom setting.

“The friends that I’ve made — we’re all going to different parts of the country, so it’ll be weird being apart from them,” Remmey said. “I’m going to miss learning because I’ve really enjoyed my experience in the classroom and working with professors.”

Tillinghast attends Naval Academy Leadership Conference

Edward Tillinghast ConferenceThis past January I had the opportunity to represent Wake Forest University at the 2015 United States Naval Academy Leadership Conference in Annapolis, Maryland. The mission of the conference is to address specific issues facing emerging leaders in both the military and civilian world by breeding understanding and identifying successful themes to overcome such obstacles. The four day conference was a mixture of panel discussions, small breakout groups, and informal dialogues amongst conference attendees. The participants ranged from ROTC cadets and Naval Academy midshipmen to civilian university students and professors which permitted very productive conversations on how to address ethical issues in the information age. The speakers ranged from Pat Finn, Cisco’s U.S. public sector vice president, to General Stanley McChrystal, former commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan; the diversity of life experiences which each speaker brought to the conference was matched by those of the participants in the conference having the effect of breeding a productive and friendly environment for discussion. My resounding takeaway from the conference was the high degree of similarity which characterizes successful and ethical leadership regardless of context. Overall the conference was very inspiring for me personally and I am honored to have had the opportunity to represent Wake Forest University and the Department of Politics and International Affairs.

Rolle and LeDuc Named Student MLK “Building the Dream” award winners

Senior Nehemiah Rolle from Atlanta, a politics and international affairs major, is an active leader in The Roosevelt Institute at Wake Forest, a student-led, student-run organization dedicated to progressive public policy change and idea empowerment. He is also an associate editor of the Wake Forest Journal of International Affairs and is a resident adviser. He has a love for all things intercultural and a passion for making the world a better place.

Senior Joe LeDuc from Spokane, Wash., also a politics and international affairs major, serves as a steering committee member of “Forward Together,” Wake Forest’s interest group of the NAACP. He champions inclusiveness and justice for all members of the campus community — inspiring others to recognize their own ability to make their community a better place not just for themselves but also for humanity.