Dalton Hoffine

dalton_hoffineI am a recent graduate (’10), and I am lucky enough to have found employment in the field of Political Science at this rather daunting time. I am now a Political Researcher for the New York State Legislature, analyzing bills coming before the floor of the State Assembly and Senate. I also construct polling operations and provide statistical analysis on the results to determine areas of strength and weakness for individual candidates in the field. The Political Science Department has keenly provided me with the academic tools necessary to do this job through a rigorous research methods program and demanding political analysis across the curriculum. In addition, I would not have been able to attain this position without the personal encouragement and support from a number of my professors and the availability of professional opportunities, such as taking part in political science conferences and student organizations. ¬†Thanks to the academic training and the personal attention given to me, I was able to put together a strong resume to attain this job and the skills necessary to do the job well. [posted July 2010]