Approved Courses

Recently approved courses are listed below. The program directors maintain a more complete and up-to-date list of all approved elective courses. Please refer to the undergraduate bulletin for course descriptions.

Approved courses offered in the spring 2015:

Anthropology 385. Special Problems Seminar (when topic is appropriate) (3h, 3h)
Arabic 112. Elementary Arabic (3h, 3h)
201. Intermediate Arabic I and II  (4h, 3h)
218. Standard Arabic Conversation I and II (3h, 3h)
231. Advanced Arabic I and II  (3h, 3h)
302. Special Topics in Arabic (3h)
Art 104. Topics in World Art (when topic is appropriate) (3h)
Communication 370. Special Topics (when topic is appropriate)  (3h)
History 107. Middle East & the World (3h)
109. Asia & the World (3h)
242. The Middle East before 1500 (3h)
261. Modern South Asia (3h)
388. Nation, Faith, and Gender in the Middle East (3h)
Near Eastern Lang. & Lit.
Political Science 241. Contemporary India (3h)
278. Politics and Identity (3h)


Women Gender

104. Introduction to Asian Religions (3h)
108. Intro to Hindu Traditions (3h)
110. Intro. to Islamic Traditions (3h)

321 F. Women, History, and Myth (3h)