The Minor

Requirements for the Interdisciplinary Minor in Middle East and South Asia Studies

The Middle East and South Asia studies minor provides students with an opportunity to engage in a multidisciplinary study of the history, politics, literature, peoples, and cultures of the Middle East and South Asia. To fulfill the minor, students must complete 18 hours from an approved list of courses. Students may count no more than 10 hours from any of the foreign language offerings toward the minor.

Additional elective courses may have been approved since publication of this bulletin. The program coordinator maintains a complete list of all approved elective courses. For course descriptions, see the relevant department’s listings in this publication. Some courses relevant to the minor are not taught on a regular basis; others are offered by visiting or temporary faculty.

Declaring the Minor

Minor declaration forms may be obtained by downloading the following form and submitting it at the Registrar’s Office:  WFU Registrar – Minor-Declaration , or you can see the MESA Administrative Assistant, Silvia Correa (Kirby 313).