Honors Program

Students will be awarded Honors in Political Science if their GPA in the major at the time of graduation is 3.8 or higher.

Departmental Honors Graduates


Emily Anderson

“Cuba, Imperialism, and Sugar”

Joel Diamond

“Contradictions in Transitions: The Intersection between Neoliberal Economics and Repressive Governance in Egypt”

Kelly Flanigan

“The Odd One Out. Analysis of the Impact of Campaign- and Electorate-Specific Factors on Non-Major Party Performance in U.S. Elections”

 Danny Siso

“Hugo Chavez: Beyond the Charisma”

Meredith Storm

“Legal Limbo:  Haitian Descendants in the Dominican Republic and the Quest for Nationality”

Jacqueline Sutherland

“Turkey’s Erdoganian Paradox: An Islamist, Authoritarian Prime Minister’s Rule Over a Secular, Democratic Republic”

Kimberly Quick

“Performing Truth and Freeing Religion: The Politics of Black and LGBT Liberation Theologies”




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