Senior Orations

We are proud of our majors who were among the selected senior orators in 2013 and 2014.

Melvin Washington III read “Who Is Wake Forest?” at the Founders’ Day Convocation 2014 and, as the winner of the oration, at the 2014 Honors Convocation.

Melvin Washington ('14)
On the first floor of Carswell Hall; just before the Annenburg auditorium; there is a quote that goes sporadically noticed and seldom explored by the average student rushing to class. It is credited to Wake alumnus Ed Wilson and reads, “Long before we played football, edited publications, acted, or sang – in fact, almost before we studied, we of Wake Forest talked.” And talked we have. Read more »

Joshua Courtney presented “Our Actions, Ourselves” at the Founders’ Day Convocation 2013.

Josh Courtney ('13)
“I subconsciously observed this Wake Forest society in comparison with my old society, and we can call this a culture shock. However, one thing I noticed from the people here that strikes me the most remarkable is that everyone here walks with confidence. It was not until I arrived here then I realized that I often walked with my head down. Indeed, if I did not learn anything else from this university, it is confidence that I have gained.” Read more »