Correspondence and Information

For applications:

Completed application forms should be submitted before January 15th to the Graduate School. These applications are online ( see below). The Psychology Department usually begins the review of applications around February 1st. Applicants should have an undergraduate major in psychology or the equivalent. Preparation should include courses in introductory psychology/research statistics, as well as a comprehensive selection of courses from the experimental, developmental, and social-personality areas of psychology. Scores on the Aptitude sections of the Graduate Record Examinations must be included as part of the application. The Advanced Psychology Test is not required but is recommended for students who do not have a major in psychology. Research experience, letters of recommendation, and evidence of motivation are also given strong consideration. If you apply and have questions about the completeness of your application, please contact the graduate school rather than the department.

Information about supplemental information:

For information regarding the Graduate School:

The Dean of the Graduate School
Wake Forest University
P. O. Box 7487, Reynolda Station
Winston-Salem, NC 27109
(336) 758-5301

For information regarding the Department of Psychology:

Dr. Mike Furr
Department of Psychology
Wake Forest University
P. O. Box 7778, Reynolda Station
Winston-Salem, NC 27109
(336) 758-5024