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This site is a collection of articles, news and information about the use of Qualtrics on the Wake Forest University campus.

FROM Address in Distribution Tab

by February 9, 2016

We have made a change to the “FROM ADDRESS” field in the Distribution tab. This will make the distribution of Qualtrics surveys work much more effectively since the emails will now appear to come from a WFU address. They are not actually coming from a WFU server, but through the Read more »

New Feature in Qualtrics – Duplicate Emails

by November 16, 2015

We have been seeing this show up recently as a new column in the Email History section of Distribution and didn’t really find any documentation for it, so I emailed Qualtrics Support and they sent me the following details on this new feature: You are correct, we have now implemented Read more »

Using Email and Panel Triggers in your Survey

by June 11, 2013
Image for Using Email and Panel Triggers in your Survey

In the Religion Department, we utilize a simple Qualtrics Survey to collect information about the students who are interested in becoming a Religion Major or Minor. ┬áThis information is initially input into the survey by our administrative assistant. Once she has completed the initial survey, the submit button is clicked. Read more »

Email Survey Distribution Instructions

by April 10, 2013

Instructions for emailing panel samples Click here to download a PDF of this page. Assumes you want to use emails to distribute to recipients with customized messages, unique links to the survey for each participant, want to control how long the email links are viable and/or schedule email delivery. Read more »

Introduction to Qualtrics Video

by March 20, 2013

Here is a link to a short 5 minute video we created to provides a general introduction to using Qualtrics.

How Qualtrics Turned Students Into Evangelists in the Corporate World

by January 31, 2013


File Upload Question Type


Our campus license now also provides access to the File Upload question type. This allows respondents to upload files up to 16MB in size. The files can then be downloaded from the View Results section in several different ways: In the Reports, the files can be downloaded individually or Read more »

Using Qualtrics at Wake Forest for Course Evaluations

by November 2, 2012

Here are some instructions for utilizing Qualtrics for your Course Evaluations. This method provides several benefits over simply allowing respondents to choose their course/instructor: Students must be enrolled in the course in order to respond. Not possible for students to enter the incorrect class or instructor. Any additional data Read more »

Qualtrics Ranked 39th in the World’s Most Valuable Tech Companies

by October 4, 2012


Qualtrics: Tech’s Hidden Gem in Utah (article from Forbes)

by June 7, 2012

This is a great article from Forbes on Qualtrics and it’s founders. http://www.forbes.com/sites/victoriabarret/2012/05/15/qualtrics-techs-hidden-gem-in-utah/